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About Me!

About Me!

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Saurabh Mishra
·Aug 1, 2022·

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Hello, Visitor

This is Saurabh Mishra , Software engineer from India🇮🇳 .

Developing iOS apps since 2014, currently associated with Adidas👟 as Senior iOS engineer.

Worked on multiple domains like Store Management, Retail Banking, Fleet Management, E-Commerce.

I am a big fond/advocate for clean code and robust architecture when it comes to code base and development.

Sometimes I also love❤️ to speak at tech conferences(then corona happened 😒) on different topic related to Development & iOS appSecurity , the profile pic is one from such conference 😉.

I am listed in Google Hall of fame, 2016 and Adobe Hall of fame, 2014 for reporting security bug in to their apps.

I am here to share my experience with iOS development, AppSec and architecture problem I have seen and implemented/solve till now.

Skills - Swift, SwiftUI, iOS appSec/Pentesting, CleanCode, Groovy and Grails.

You can find me @ LinkedIn and you can also write me @

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